Toy Keys

Teething Toy Keys are the best remedy for a molar cutting relieve symptoms.

Wooden Toy Keys are definitely the best teether for molars. It helps toddler back teeth coming through efficiently and gently. The daily use of the toy key sticks prepare toddler gums with a light massaging effect, which helps to cut the teeth little by little. In a result, molars coming in toddler are less painful. To sum up, our customers noted considerable help for teething infants from our toy keys. So we, definitely, recommend to have toy keys as a molar teether in you list for babies and toddlers of a teething age!

Teething baby period

In every Baby Life teething period is not a day or a month, it’s a fairly long period of baby’s life. For every baby it’s special and can last a year or two, when a baby feel a teething pain. In this period toddler can be very restless. It’s not an easy for infant and parents are trying to help teething baby in different ways. Though, in most cases, parents can’t do much.

Keep toys clean!

Teething is as natural as baby grow. All that depends from parents is to keep the toys and the baby hands clean, when an infant suffer from teething pain and baby gums are swollen. We have to prevent infection to reach swollen gums.

Tips how to clean baby toys from wood.

Washing the wooden toys with Water is a simple and great way to prevent spreading bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Use a warm jet of water to wash saliva and microbes on a daily basis or as needed.

It’s important! Don’t use white vinegar on a teething products and baby rattles! It will harm you baby.

You have to remember, that baby toys, especially for teething, have to be clean and safe for baby. Every teething toy is a personal hygiene product. In this way, teething baby toys needs a special attention like a toothbrush do. Don’t forget to replace the teether regularly!

Take care of wooden baby toys and You Baby will be protected and happy!

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