Rainbow Stacking Toy

Wooden rainbow from Barin Toys brand.

We, definitely, can name stacking rainbow as an open-ended toy. Wooden rainbow stacking toy has a potential for kids to create imaginative world full of colors and fantasy.

Barin Toys offer big selection of wooden rainbow stacking toys. You can choose the favorite color rainbow toy, or a pastel rainbow, or a sunset rainbow, or a natural rainbow stacking. Also, we have a monochrome rainbows: a black rainbow and a red rainbow. They are both high contrast color and white combination. It’s worth noting to say, that a high contrast colors are very attractive for the newborns and can attract their interest the most. For all that, monochrome stacking rainbows are suitable for a newborn babies till the age of 5 months.

Did You know, what is the correct rainbow color sequence?

Is it  the only one possible color scheme for a real rainbow? Have You seen a rainbow after the rain? We saw rainbows a lot, but in most cases don’t remember the details. But the truth is, that there is no correct color order for a rainbow. A natural rainbow can be ordinary order colors and also opposite color sequence in the same way. So, there are 2 correct nature rainbows! Have You know that? Will you tell this Nature fact to Your Child? The best way to learn your Baby is to give a Touch, don’t forget it!

Also, we recommend to add to your Child game a Rainbow People. Barin Toys Rainbow People will make a play more interesting and fun (and even more complex, if You’d like)! Click Here to find them all.

And, the most important! HAVE FUN and PLAY! 🙂

Influence of the Color variety of Barin Toys rainbow stacking toy for the kid early childhood education.

Barin Toys rainbows are created by our Company in different color combinations. We want to show the children the deep color variety possibilities and the combination of variations.

We insist on a diversified infant education in early years age. Yet showing the full scope to kid, we develop a child personal capabilities, improve kid’s abilities and physical skills.

Color education role in an early childhood development.

At the same time, the color education is very important. As well as, it teach the kid to determine the color shades and improve color perception. What is more, the color combinations can form the artistic taste. Just the same, it can form a need for ambience in setting. What is more, the color fantasy make the kid full of a sensory experience and emotions. That’s why the playing with the wooden rainbow stacking toy is so important for kid’s early brain development and an early childhood education and care.

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