Barin Toys Black Beginner’s board with Slide – reversible toddler climbing ramp Pikler attachment

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Black Beginner’s board with Slide – this board is reversible
The one side is natural wooden unfinished steps. The other side is laminated for toddler sliding.
length 104 cm or 41 inches, width 33cm or 13 inches
Made from FSC certified laminated birch plywood and A grade pine wood.

This board is recommended as a start attachment for pikler triangle climbing frame.
Recommended toddler climber stage: 1



See also our Barin Toys climbing ramps and other board variation possibilities to enrich your toddler climbing activities with pikler triangle.


1. Why your product prices are so affordable and even cheap comparing to other sellers? Is it a bad quality?

Our company have made a decision to keep low prices for toys for several reasons:

  • We want to support young families to afford the toys for their kids
  • We want to give an opportunity for Active Moms, who feel stressed without a job. Take back control and get a project that better supports your family and new life considerations. Stay engaged in your kid life and share your realities with other moms.
  • Covid-19 have had a serious influence for all of us, so our prices is our answer for every Client, who want to buy our toys. Supporting each other – we stay stronger!

Barin Toys process wood from raw to the final product. Every wood piece handled by hands plenty of times. Every wood piece is selected to project. It’s not a mass production line, that put every wood log in bulk production. We handle every wood piece and select only quality wood material. Every wood specie had an own advantages and disadvantages – we know them and select for our product the most eligible wood to guarantee an appropriate quality for every product made by Barin Toys.  We made Toys! So, there is only one quality: the Quality – Kids Play!

2. How can we be confident in buying from you ?

We are the legal entity of EU and the member of Latvian Exporters.
So, You are not buying from an individual (or fake id), You are buying from the manufacturing company!
Moreover, we can give opportunity to our clients to pay us using PayPal system, that gives additional security to the transaction. Please read more about PayPal service.

3. Why your Pikler triangle stairs are not round, but rectangular?

Barin Toys use rectangular stairs in Pikler climbing triangle because:

  • round rods fixed by 1 screw and the whole load lays only on 1 screw!

We use specially designed supports for stairs for increased load capacity.

  • round rods have bigger risk of slipping, than the rectangular ones
  • more accurate and easier assembly

4. Are your pikler climber stairs smooth comparing to round rods?

Smoothness doesn’t depend on the form, but on the finishing you applied.
Our climbing frame stairs finished with high grade sanding and are very pleasant on touch.



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  1. Jack Long

    black ladder is cool!

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