Red Rainbow Stacking Toy by Barin Toys


Barin Toys stacking rainbow size


35cm lenght x  14cm height x 5cm thick or

13.8 inches lenght x  5.5 inches height x 2 inches thick.


Classical wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy is suitable for Infants and Toddlers to play.

Barin Toys Wooden Rainbow is Large size stacking rainbow. So You get a good value for the money.

Barin Toys offers a natural wooden toys for a low prices to be affordable for any family with kids.

Barin Toys care the future!


Red Rainbow Stacking by Barin Toys.

Wooden Monochrome Rainbow Stacking is a red and black color combination toy. Monochrome Rainbow Stacking is especially attractive to a newborn babies and a babies till 4 or 5 months old. The bold color combination in monochrome rainbow can attract and concentrate baby’s attention.

Therewith monochrome wooden red rainbow is a good design object for your room decoration. Neat and precise colors will decorate a shelf in a contemporary modern interior. Monochrome rainbow in red concentrate, simultaneously, a composition of a childhood dreams and a bold aggressive ambitions, that rule to catch an aim.

Barin Toys wooden stacking red rainbow size is Large!


35cm length x  14cm height x 5cm thick or

13.8 inches length x  5.5 inches height x 2 inches thick.

Rainbow stacking toy is a classic sensory toy that enhance children’s creativity and boost the imagination.

Barin Toys wooden rainbow stacker is more than just a fun for kids, but it provides opportunity to start the infant’s early childhood education in a respectful and friendly setting. Use a playtime activity time at home to educate your toddler, to improve motor and vision skills.

Wooden stacking toy intention to early childhood learning.

More useful information about early years kid development and stacking toys purpose You can find clicking here.

When can babies see the colors?

Newborn eye is not ready to see the colors, that’s why newborn toys recommended to be monochrome, with high contrast black and white, for instance.

There are some milestones for parents to watch for in vision and small child development. Vision will develop in own baby speed, which can varies. But, as well as parents play an important role in helping to assure their child’s eyes and vision can develop properly. Helping child develop his or her vision by engaging in age-appropriate activities is a correct step for eyes growth progress.

According to American Optometric Association opinion we can say, that babies start see color at around 5 months age. This is their conclusion Although an infant’s color vision is not as sensitive as an adult’s, it is generally believed that babies have good color vision by five months of age.”

Parents have a possibility to improve visual abilities for a color perception an infant need in life. Color stacking toys help to improve your child important visual skills, as well.


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