Production Process

Designing The Product

Our company has produced toys since 2006 year. We participted in major exhibitions of the Toy Industry, such as “Nürnberg Toy Fair”.

Our approach to Toy Design based on such fundamental principles as :

  • playable design, encouraging child to spend more time with toy
  • safe design at any aspect, considering all the ways the toy can be used, not only straight forward purpose
  • memorable Toys, specially made to keep Your childhood dreams with You

Materials used in production

Solid European wood, different species , like oak, birch, pine, alder, ash, elm. European plywood. Water based paints and varnish, no phtalats, bpa free.
Linseed and food grade oil.

Manufacturing Process

All products are handmade, hand carved and hand painted.
Each peace of wood is taken by the master, observed and processed.
Such time consuming process significantly reduce the risk of broken products.

Safety Declaration

Our manufacturing facility located in Europe, therefore we declare full compliance of our products with EN71 regulation laws.