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Toddler Toy Car Keys Rattle by Barin Toys is a good teething toy for a baby boy activity. Realistic toy keys from wood provide safe pretend play while You are traveling. Happy parenting decisions that make your life better and your baby smiling. Personal Baby car keys as a parent have makes You toddler grown and feel serious! 🙂 Wooden toy car keys for toddlers will not irritate You while driving car with a noisy loud sound. Our Car Baby Keys toy help to develop your child imagination and inspire to a pure play.

Imagination toys can teach your toddler. In other words, wooden toys develop baby brain in own pace. As Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of our time, once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and “knowledge without imagination is static”.  Let Your Baby be Unique!

In addition, wooden teething sticks supply sensory stimulation for an infant. Similarly, Barin Toys car baby toy keys help to prepare a baby for teething period and do it regularly to ease the teething pain prior it happens. Keep in mind, that teething is a significant part of babies life. Teething help need to be given every day without a rush, teething gums have to be prepared by baby chew toys.

Recommended age:

  • 4 month old baby
  • 5 month old baby teething
  • teething at 6 months
  • 7 month old teething

Reasons to buy Barin Toys Baby Toy Car Keys Rattle now:

  • Great Gift Opportunity to every car’s Fan.
    Well known simple form of a car gives a first pretend impression for Your baby’s activity.
  • Lightweight rattle that perfectly fits small baby arm.
  • Wooden rattle is warm and satin smooth. Pleasant to put in a baby mouth, a natural massage for a baby gums.
  • Engage Baby’s hearing with warm and pleasant clutching sound. This sound isn’t loud and noisy – oh, what a relief for mom 🙂
  • It’s all in one = baby teething keys + small baby rattle keys + newborn development toy.
  • Allergy free wood specie, no paints, no lack, no oil. Temperature treated selected wood hand carved by master – it’s a recipe of our wooden rattle teether toys.

Newborn development is all about feel: mouth experience is a very important way of senses to develop baby brain. Wooden toys can help to give natural sensory stimulation and experience Your baby needs from the first days of life. Certainly You can boost infant development through play, but keep in mind, that all babies develop at their own pace!

Materials & Tech & Safety:

Made in Europe.
Made of 100 % natural wood – free of any oils, waxes, bpa, pvc, phthalate, latex, cadmium.
Disinfected by special hot temperature treatment.
Hand carved, satin smooth finishing, quality control for each unit.
Organic cotton cord.

Handling and care of the wooden baby rattle toys.

Due to KIDS LOVE TO chew our natural wooden teethers and do it more CONSTANTLY then other teething toys, please, PARENTS, keep special ATTENTION how to care wooden teethers.


First of all, Teethers are PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS (like a toothbrush or baby pacifier)! Always be supervised to ensure that Teethers are not shared. Never share or borrow personalised toy to touch or play! Similarly this toy is not recommended to touch by other adults then parents or caregivers. Due to hygienically reasons your hands has to be clean also.

As a result never give to baby dirty items. If it gets dirty just rinse it under the strong jet of warm or cold water. Our toys can even bear hot water for a short period of time, but don’t use chemicals to wash the toy! The wood absorb liquids. In case You put it in vinegar it will deeply absorb it and irritate your baby skin and mouth seriously. Don’t do like this! So, it’s important NOT TO USE ANY ADDITIVES or chemicals FOR CLEANING! ONLY the WATER, PLEASE!

When a toy is a favorite.

Our toys are subject to prolonged use by babies that are concerned about teething pain. For that reason You have to put attention of special baby activity directed to one place. HARD BITERS REQUIRE FREQUENT TOY SUBSTITUTION! If your baby frequent use wood teether with a lot of pressure try to change a teether type for a harder one!

Using like a rattle will not deliver You or Your baby any discomfort. Only the issue is to choose appropriate size wooden rattle according to baby age.

In most cases, when the baby loves our wooden teether. It’s USED FOR MONTHS AND even YEAR. Keep in mind, that You NEED TO REPLACE the favorite toy WITH A NEW one (the same design possibly) REGULARLY! Teether is a like a toothbrush, performs the same role for the baby and is putted in a mouth directly, for instance. Most dentists and ADA (American Dental Association) agree you should change your toothbrush every three months, if you use it twice a day. OUR TEETHERS are USED PERSISTENT (more frequent and for a longer period of time), so we RECOMMEND TO CHANGE the teething toys EVERY 2 WEEKS, when it’s used as a teether, or EVERY MONTH, if it used as a rattle or occasional teether without direct intent.

Oral hygiene and illness.

Another reason to CHANGE your teether more REGULARY is TO AVOID GERMS and BACTERIA. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice to keep oral hygiene seriously especially in children groups. Also it’s recommended to change toys AFTER a recent ILLNESS (like a cold, flu, or bacterial infection) TO AVOID REINFECTION.

As well let the Teether AIR-DRY between uses.

Teething period in parenthood.

Finally, Teethers aren’t meant to last forever: they DO THE JOB and KEEPS A MEMORY of our first year OF PARENTHOOD. They are small guardians of the child’s natural development from the first days of a new born baby to active toddler. Take care of it the way you would any personal hygiene tool. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Teething is not an exception it’s a period of time. We can’t exempt it, but we can help with our teething toys and care instructions. Don’t be afraid – Your Infant soon be a Toddler and a Schooler!

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 cm

2 reviews for Baby Toy Car Keys for toddlers by Barin Toys

    RJ Smith
    November 17, 2019
    Great product. Good for teething babies. Baby loves these. Well made. Durable. Soft, clean wood for teething. We prefer the non toxic woods for teething and so does our little man.
    Ashlyn L Fortier
    October 12, 2018
    My son likes these. Nice teething toys
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