Nursery wardrobe “Barin Toys Tiny Tot” storage furniture set: clothes hanger rack and 2 wooden shelving units


Nursery wardrobe “Barin Toys Tiny Tot” storage furniture set size:

Rabbit Face on WhatsApp 2.19.352

Height: 99 cm or 39 inches

Length: 160 cm or 64 inches

Wide: 50 cm or 20 inches

Rabbit Face on WhatsApp 2.19.352Advantages :

  • Baby play room and nursery essential furniture unit
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Toddler oriented wardrobe: no doors = no toddler slammed fingers = no hidden and dark places to fear of
  • Children’s clothes rack and shelving stand units: wooden and natural – no paint, no stains, no lacquer, no oils.
  • No sharp edges and corners
  • Do it yourself or cherish the Pure Nature! You can paint and decorate it with color your like to fit your kid room the best  (it’s DIY open children’s wardrobe furniture)

Rabbit Face on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Make your toddler grow up with no pull. It’s never been so easy to change the nursery so fast – affordable solutions!


Rabbit Face on WhatsApp 2.19.352

“Barin Toys Tiny Tot” essential nursery wardrobe set: garment hanger with shelving stands for toddlers and kids.

Children’s clothes hanger rack “Rabbit Bunny” is a kids wardrobe, that provide for toddler safe and easy place to put own dress up clothes without mom’s help. Open space with plenty of room for kid’s clothing is a good basis for teaching toddler to organize own clothes and even favorite toys in one place. Wooden storage shelf beneath keep as much toys, footwear and baskets as your toddler needs.

The most important – it have to be your kid’s own organizing space and wardrobe rack with own rules and order!

Let you toddler plan nursery clothes rack usage abilities – it will make your kid significant and grown-up!

And, of course, don’t forget to prime your toddler girl or boy – tell how much you are proud of him or her. It’s the most magical words for children and little ones to grow happy!

Let your Kid have a chance to Surprise You – Barin Toys wooden Kids wardrobe is made for Montessori Play Room and Nursery – can be the Perfect Start to Plan own Practical Life for your Toddler.


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